PRC Vocational Testing Center, Inc. in Oklahoma
Over 43 Years Experience

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Cary L. Bartlow, Ph.D. is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with over 43 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation services.

PRC Testing Center, Inc. has services that can assist individuals maximize their potentials and improve upon their ability to live a quality life based on utilizing their best talents and skills. Contact the PRC Testing Center, Inc. if you are interested in QUALITY SERVICES. PRC believes competency counts when Vocational Rehabilitation services are needed.

Professional Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1978. In 1999 that company was dissolved, and Dr. Cary L. Bartlow became the President and owner of PRC Vocational Testing Center, Inc.

PRC Vocational Testing Center, Inc. is a private business specializing in Life Care Planning. We also evaluate and assess the vocational, rehabilitation and educational potential, skills and aptitudes of individuals.

Do you need career or educational information, counseling, rehabilitation assessments or Independent Living Life Care Plan services? IF SO, CALL THE PRC TESTING CENTER, INC.

Credentials of Cary L. Bartlow, Ph.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor Vocational Expert for United States Dept. of Health and Human Services (Social Security Administration)
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Former Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator for the U.S. Dept. of Veterans' Affairs
Certified Vocational Evaluator Former Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator for the State of Oklahoma Rehabilitative Services
National Board Certified Counselor Fellow-International Academy of Life Care Planners

American Board of Vocational Experts, Diplomate, Emeritus

Independent Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Evaluator for State of Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court
Former Adjunct Professor for Langston University-OKC Masters Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling  
Former Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Supervisor for State of Oklahoma’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services